The VEER way

1. Assessment

Review your financial position to gain an understanding of your specific needs, requirements and objectives.

2. Options

Review our panel of lenders to source the most suitable product options, including: loan and repayment types, product features, interest rates, costs, banking, infrastructure, speed of turn around, and much more…

3. Solution

Present you with a range of options and recommend the most competitive and appropriate solution.

4. Application Management

Prepare, package and lodge your application whilst continually following up the lender to ensure a prompt and hassle-free approval process.

5. Documentation and Settlement

Meet with you to review and execute loan documents and act as the main point of contact with all stakeholders (bank, solicitor, agent, accountant, etc,.) to ensure a smooth and timely settlement.

6. Ongoing Service

Act as your primary lending expert moving forward to answer any queries regarding your existing or new loan facilities, providing market updates, and continually review and renegotiate your interest rates.

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